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Images, words, poetry, and Jim Morrison


I’ve been writing about the show that opened tonight at the Younger Gallery in Bakersfield.  Well, it looked great!  Beautifully hung, wonderful poetry and photography.  I feel more than lucky to have been included, especially since it was invitation only.  I’ll post a couple of photos from the show and one more poem and photo.

I took the photo in the Alta Cienega Motel in Los Angeles.  That’s where Jim Morrison stayed most of the time he was in L.A.  and I went down there with William Jordan, a former student who was enamored of The Doors, so we could hit all the area Morrison landmarks.  William is the boy in the photo and we’re in Morrision’s room.

The poem, Signs of Morrison, is written by Nick Belardes.

One night in Paris

or Toulouse it happens.

Somewhere in a city

where dreams of artists

get trapped in motels,

or up in the clouds of neon signs

and then down around ankles

like bunched pants, it happens.

Somewhere, in a black and white sky,

in a doorway,

or just near a doorway,

there’s a man.

He’s looking into a camera

and wondering

just who he is in that mirror,

and where he’s going.

He hums a song,

smiles at the nearby radio

and at the roads

curving over distant muddy hills.

He’s passing through.

Just passing through.

Morrison is topical again since Florida Governor Charlie Crist is working on pardoning him from the indecent exposure charge long ago in 1969 during a concert in Florida.

The next two photos show how the show is hung.  If you live in Bakersfield, do come visit the gallery.