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A Discovery of World War II Photographs of the Original Piazza Nettuno Shrine


Recently I blogged about a painting of my father’s titled The Shrine.  If you haven’t read that post you might want to because this part of the story is pretty incredible, at least to me.  My father Edward Reep was a war artist in Italy in WWII and unbeknownst to us until just recently he had roll and rolls of film stashed in his studio in a cigar box.  I only found out by chance.  I found a book of contact prints on a shelf and was thrilled to find those – and even then he didn’t think to say he had the actual  film!  He’s almost 94 but I don’t think that’s it – he just doesn’t see this stuff as important.  I, however, am extremely interested in the history, not just because he’s Dad.

Anyhow, in the previous post I talked about a visit my husband and I made to Washington D.C. and our meeting with a curator at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art.  We feel The Shrine should be on permanent exhibit (the painting is owned by The Smithsonian) and the blog post details the history of the painting itself.  So now we have these negatives and I am getting them digitized.  I’m kind of wearing myself thin trying to do all kinds of things at once but I feel time pressure – although Dad is in good health, he’s almost 94, and when he is gone, the history is gone with him.  So I want the photos so he can explain them.

The first 12 rolls are back and here are three that were amongst them.

This is the brick wall in Bologna with fresh blood where the shrine sprung up.  Dad was there watching the whole thing happen.

The photos are amazing.  I hate to keep using that word but it keeps springing to mind.

I was so excited to see these!  I had no idea they existed and they complete the history I was able to piece together in my previous post.

I’ll finish with the image of the painting although it’s in the previous post.  And I have some good news from museum director Elizabeth Broun who thinks  she may be able to find a place for the painting to be on permanent display in the Luce Foundation Center for American Art on the third floor of the museum. I hope for some follow-up news on that soon.

Heroes – an exhibit for Veteran’s Day


Art Every Day Month Day 16!  Wow.  I’m going to post a photo that is currently hanging in the exhibit Heroes at The Foundry in downtown Bakersfield at  1700 Chester Ave.  The exhibit is still hanging for anyone who wants to drop by and see it.  I recommend it.

I titled my entry Seguendo le Orme di Papa – Following Papa’s Footsteps.  I took it in Sorrento, Italy a couple of years ago.  We set out to see the town and came across a parade – it was Italian Veteran’s Day.  Representatives from all sorts of regiments paraded by – some had elaborate plumed headgear, others had intricate uniforms, and they all carried the banner for their divisions.  And then this little guy came along.  I barely had time to capture the shot but sometimes you get better photos on the fly than you would have had you had all the time in the world.  So here it is.