Short Stories


Funny thing, but since I’ve retired and no longer teach writing, I’ve started to write myself.  Writing is the flip side of reading – the more you read, the better you can write.  And if you write, you have something to share for others to read.  If you have something worth writing and write it well, the rewards multiply.  In this photo, two of my grandchildren are clearly captivated by what Michael is reading to them.

A close friend reading to my grandkids in Colorado.

A close friend reading to my grandkids in Colorado.

I always told my students to begin by writing what they know.  In a way, I was forced into writing by my need to sort out this business of aging and know it better.  My dad is 91, my mom 85.  Between them, they make up almost one person.  Neither would be able to live independently alone; together they are barely managing.  My dad knows how close it is; my mom is pretty much unaware of their limitations.  So I started writing.  Can I make more sense of what is happening?  Maybe, maybe not.  Mostly, I’ve come to realize it just is what it is.

I do know that many people my age are facing these same problems with their parents, and that’s another thing about writing: It can help others and shed new perspectives on what we are facing.  Writing and reading – the connection is so much deeper than the obvious, that we read what is written.

I’ll start posting the stories little by little.  First one, Sunset, today.

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