My Pantoum – Busyness


Pantoum – Remember, no promises of quality.  And I don’t know if busyness is a word, but I like it anyhow.


The frantic busyness of the world,
The speed at which life moved
Got in the way of self-mastery.
She didn’t grow up until 60.

The dizzying speed of life
Made thinking and quiet a luxury,
She finally grew up north of 60.
Learning to trust herself.

No time for the luxury of thought,
The same demons reared time and again.
Trusting got easier with age;
She worked to quiet her life.

No time to quell the demons;
She was always at war with the world
Letting others upset tranquility.
She toned down their worlds and won.

Moving with, not against the world,
Near 60 she mastered her life.
Silence masked frenetic activity,
The frantic world of busyness .

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