Index 2010


Theme for a decade: It’s a small world, after all

Light up the night: at the Mission Inn, 3.5 million lights will have to do

The Mission Inn at Christmas

Gift for the grandkids – I’ll never outdo this one

Limos, lights- a Christmas visit to CALM (California Living Museum)

Small treasures in the rain

The Big Rain: Riverlakes Golf Course lives up to its name

Ornaments Part 4: A history of a life continues

Ornaments Take Three

Ornaments tell a story, part 2

We don’t have a Christmas tree; we have a window.

Last vestiges of first fall in my neighborhood – and my yard!

The Surreal Conversation

Christmas Decorations Part Two

Decorating for Christmas: Dickens’ Village, Gurley candles and more

Reflections Image and Word: She Killed the Moon

Fun in Alta Sierra: Sledding and Skiing only 1.5 hours from Bakersfield

Thanksgiving merriment

A Thanksgiving adventure: Over the river and through ghostly woods (don’t try this at home)

Lake Truxtun and Bakersfield’s Beauty – yes indeed, we have some

The Streets of Bakersfield – in the fall

Driving in a winter wonderland

Buckeyes – no, not the teams, the trees

Images, words, poetry, and Jim Morrison

Reflections: image+ word – Arts Council of Kern’s new exhibit opens tomorrow

The Tuskegee Airmen and the Frontier High School Marching Titans Band

Heroes – an exhibit for Veteran’s Day

Reflections – image + word

Grandkids + sunsets + waves + seagulls = an unplanned trip to Pismo Beach

The Conversation – a journal page featuring toothbrushes.

Trees, leaves, and color- goodbye Colorado, but hello Bakersfield, where it’s just beginning

Public art on Main Street, Grand Junction CO

Costume Party – who needs Halloween?

Jackson and Bartholomew have adventures

Glitter glue, paper napkins, and a greeting card – can I turn those into art?

Fall lingers in Colorado

I want some seafood, baby – from Mama’s Fish House

Muffins are art, especially when they are dinosaur muffins

Haleakala Crater, Maui. Happy birthday to me.

Maui after Lele: Beaches and Guitars (Day 2 – Art Every Day Month)

Art Every Day Month is Back: November 1 – Halloween

The final score: a perfect ten

The Feast at Lele

Rainbows, fish and sunset sails

The Forbidden Road and Pineapple Wine

Hana Town and Beyond

The Road to Heaven – I mean Hana

Here today, gone to Maui

When did you decide? You know, if you were going to be gay or not.

Earth, sky and water: the theme is earth

As long as there’s duct tape, we’re good…

Football blows blog through the roof

The Story of my Father and the Bird: Carving the Turkey

Poetry and Photography, a preview: Little Girl with a Baseball

Hold on to your hats: it’s the Great Kern County Fair

The story of the curtains with holes in them

Football season has begun and Bakersfield’s Frontier Titans are coached by Rich Cornford, Ryan Mathews’ high school coach.

I’m going slightly mad…

Striking a Chord; Renting Kamala, and a Good Start to the Day

Did you see that blur? It’s time flying by.

You know? July was a hell of a month. Plus, Earth is a Mighty Vessel. Art!

On the Other Side of Life: The Story of the Keys

A victory for justice along with some miscellany

Glam Nation Tour – oh yeah

What I found on the beach

Someone’s in the cabin with Gramser and August’s theme of FIRE

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The Miracle of Modern Travel: Orlando to Bakersfield in 24 Hours

Day Three in Florida: I See a Soccer Game!

Day two in Florida, and I’m already mixed up…

Fun in the Sun in West Palm Beach

Summertime, and the blogging gets slower

New Collage for Latination and a Peacock

Did you see the MOON? Plus art, cell phones, and phonographs

Go Take a Hike

Finally. At last. Summer has come to the mountains. Bliss.

Blogging the Bloggers

Cock-a-doodle-doo: a new collage and still life for Latination

All You Need is Love

Cell Phone Saga

Intention – I’ve Been Intending to Write About This

World Cup as Art

Bliss: The Highest Degree of Happiness


Looking for hair in all the wrong places… (and a couple of odds and ends)

It’s a cat’s life: more notes on the move

Knowing oneself

Homes have anniversaries too – the cabin is two

And another one…nameless as yet

The Apple

Confessions of a Photo Junkie

The Permanence of Temporary Things

Being non-judgmental, inclusive, generous and positive: a reminder from the Glamberts

Walk for the Arts

I want some seafood, baby – from Mama’s Fish House

The idea: maybe it’s enough

The Shutter Clique: Oh Snap

New Theme, New Photos, New Frogs, New Lilies, Same Old Toe

Elsewhere: Cloudarado, the Final Chapter (for now)

Connect the Dots – an End to Strange Days

For Mothers, About Mothers, on Mother’s Day

Abbo’s Art Show

Fingerpainting the forest: Be wary of going too far

Don’t wait until you’re 63 to have kids, plus art journal entries

How to engage all your senses

What kind of blog is this? And other blogs worth checking out.

The Rhythm Changes

Life is OK

The Bellmore – Bakersfield’s new uber-cool art gallery. Plus, another camera mishap.

Odds and ends and follow-ups

The theme is senses, and mine are certainly full; plus I have a studio – finally!

Another day at Cedars Sinai, plus a plug for colonoscopy and a perfect ten

The day in the middle and a two-martini night

Painting World War II: The California Style Watercolor Artists

World War II art and random thoughts

The Big Move: An Update

William finds Bakersfield better than he left it

Make Way for William

Big Skies of Bakersfield

The last move

Bend it Like Sarah: Soccer in the Desert

Waking up in Vegas

Not the Jabberwock

Saturday Night and Nothing to Do? Not True; Plus New Relatives and Wildflowers

Weedpatch Camp and Sunset School: Right Here in Kern County

I Wanna See You Strut

Wildflowers: A Story of Spring and Renewal

Kern County: A Photo Jouney through Oil and Agriculture (and Wildflowers)

Party! Gimme Some Sugar Bliss, Plus New Photos up on Web Site

Alternative Energy: Palm Springs Wind Farms

Wow! Take a Look at These Daffodils!

Moments: Revelation

Flapdoodled, Frizzled and Fragmented: Buy my House, Please.

Moments – A Magic Moment, a Moment of Transcendence at Fort Bowie, Arizona

My Biblical Travel Story: A Cautionary Tale

Every Picture Tells a Story: My New Show Opens at Empty Space

Terror in the Classroom: A True Story

The Glamtastic Concert at Fantasy Springs…My Fangirl Experience Continues

My Fangirl Experience with Adam Lambert, Fantasy Springs Resort, and Synchronicity: Part One

Two days until G-day/American Idol is ruined

Spring, as in Palm Springs; and Spring, with a Message for my Friends Back East

Operation Old Age Begins with a New Home

Losing a Home for What You Believe In: Sick and Tired of Being Invisible

#CED2010: It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood; and a New Handy Gadget for Painting

The State of My Union: A Week in the Life

Aging: When a Home becomes a House

#CED2010: Welcome to the Hot Padre!

#CED2010: Home is Where the Art Is

Cleaning out the cobwebs – from my mind, from my studio, from my home

The Theme is Home: I’m Home, a Fractured Home, and a Poem

#CED2010: Silence and Loss

#CED2010: Adam Lambert! And New Works

#CED2010: On bodies, reflections, footprints, and tripods

#CED2010: Cabin in Winter: Almost Snowed Out

#CED2010 New Photos on Web Site- Bathtub, Popcorn and More

CED2010: Conflagration! Anyone Who Takes Photos, Listen Up

CED2010: Rain, Wind, Coffee with Julie, and a Rainbow

Me and My Shadow

#CED2010 I’ve Looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now

#CED2010 Check-in: Bodies of Water, Graceful Bodies

Putting your BODY (and Life) on the Line Every Day

You Got Something Against Pudgy? You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby…

Mashup: Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

Driving Along the Killer Kern (North Fork of the Kern River)

#CED2010 Jan. Theme – Body. Canvas Collage – Stages

Creative Every Day: Little Bodies

Art Journal Collage – Body Theme, Creative Every Day

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