Index 2009


Best of Blog ‘09: Resolutions 

Best 09: You are my Density and the Roar and Snore 

#Best09 Dec. 26 – My Aha Moment of the Year – I’m Tired

Best of Blog 09: Social Web Moment – a Tweet-up 

#Best09 – The Gift I Gave Myself that Keeps on Giving? Time with the Grandkids – An Update

Best of Blog ‘09: My Best Learning Experience? Taming the Guilt Monster

Best of Blog 09: What was your best web tool? 

Gwen Bell’s Best of ‘09: A Business I Found that I Love? Mmmm – Cruise Ships?

Gwen Bell’s Best of Blog 09 – What did I start? What am I Proud of? 

#Best09: Unsung Hero of 2009? Daxtonsnini and BeKatherine Reminds Me that All of us are Unsung Heroes

#Best09: Gwen Bell’s Best of Blog Challenge 09: Best Car Ride 

Best of Blog ‘09 – Catching Up- Life Changes in a Flash

#Best09: Today’s question – a moment of peace 

Best of ‘09 Challenge – My Blog Find? MJ’s Big Blog or course! 

#best09 Dec. 6 – Conference or Workshop that was Great? It was a Conference of One, a Workshop of Self, and a Community of Women

Blog Challenge Dec. 5: A Night Out that Rocked My Socks on the Papagallo II Yacht

Best of Blog: What book touched you? Annie Dillard’s The Maytrees and Dexter Filkin’s The Forever War

Best of 2009 – What article did I read that blew me away? 

Best of Blog Challenge: Best Restaurant Experience – Hassano’s and Bastille Day at Valentiens

This is It: Day 30 of Art Every Day Month. Work in Progress is Finished!

One Day More: Art Every Day Month #29 

AEDM Day 28: Still Life Background in Transition

Is Everybody Stuffed? Art Every Day Month Day 27 

Happy Thanksgiving Art Every Day Month #26 

AEDM #25: Some Bucolic Tranquility for Turkey Eve 

AEDM Day 24 – Cat Fights and Girl in Window, an Art Journal Entry 

Where The Wild Things Are – AEDM #23 

Destruction: AEDM Day 22 

AEDM Day 21: Art in My Own Backyard

Day 19: Pears and Still Life – and the Art World Loses Jeanne-Claude 

Still Life: Pears, and Essays

Art Every Day Month Passes Halfway Point: New Journal Page 

An Art Journal – It’s a Beginning

Close, but I Made It: AEDM for Nov. 15 – Rhythm of Life 

Saturday Night and Still Life: AEDM Marches On 

Pink Daisy Series: Stairs; Art Every Day Month Nov. 13 

Cows, Paonia, CO and a Bicycle Fence – Oh! New Photos in the Gallery

AEDM: A Potpourri of Delta Colorado Murals, Cookies, and Ceramics

The Pink Daisy Series One and Two: AEDM Post for Nov. 10 

Art Every Day Month Chugs On with a London Tube Collage 

Aspen, Colorado Patterns and Details: AEDM Nov. 8

Anatomy of a Small-Town High School Football Game: AEDM Day Seven 

Art Every Day Month: What to do When Traveling? 

Work in Progress – AEDM Nov. 5 

Creative Every Day: I Tackle Still Life 

Thermal Features Anyone? Try Yellowstone National Park 

Sunrise, Sunset

Back Roads and Beaches: Hidden Treasures

Waves: Infinite Variety 

Pismo Beach: What am I Doing Here? 

Interstate 70: The Desert, Utah, the San Rafael Swell and the San Rafael Reef 

Here Kitty Kitty: Cats from Little to Big to Bigger 

MISSION INN: Part Two, plus, a Christmas Surprise

The Mission Inn: An Unexpected Surprise in Riverside 

BURN THE WITCH: Bakersfield’s Annual All-Women Art Show 

Fall Colors: Colorado 

Fall Colors: London, Vancouver and Italy – Plus a New Link 

Travel Photography: Buildings

Irving Penn, a Great Photographer Dead at 92 

Miscellany: Baseball, Birds, Sidewalk Art, and the Power of a Photo 

Road Trip: Fossil Falls – not Red Rock Canyon

Road Trip: Red Rock Canyon and Joshua Trees 

Food, Glorious Fair Food 

Collage and Jacques de la Villegle


Burn the Witch: Get Creative with your Photos 

The Umbrellas of Yangshao 

It’s Black, It’s White, and Color Too: Umbrellas 

Exeter – City of Murals 

Food Glorious Food, Saving Grace, and other cool stuff 

Black & White or Color: Part One

New Works for Burn the Witch: Carry Me Home and All the King’s Horses

How to Take Photos of People: Part Three

Taking Better Photos of People Part Two

How to Take Better Photos of People

Technical Difficulties

New Collages from Wild Animal Park and Disneyland

How to Take Good Photos: Odds and Ends

How to Take Good Photos: Nature

How to Take Good Photos of Flowers

How to Take Good Photos: What to Look for when Traveling

How to Take Good Photos: Telling a Story

How to Take Good Photos: Develop Your Eye

How to Take Good Photos

21 People at Disneyland, Future Collage Material, Memories

Canadian Snowbirds and a new collage, with special assistance from Beverly Crusher and B’Elanna Torres

Glamberts, Treasure Hunts, Jean Luc Picard and Tie Dyed Shirts

The Art Spirit


Fireworks – and – Blue Moon, Spirits of the Desert, and Generations

Travel Journals

Art has a life of its own





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