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Unbeknownst to almost everyone, I have continued to follow the Creative Every Day website and post on their page.  Every month Leah (it’s her website) has a theme to encourage people’s creativity; give us a little nudge, as it were.  However, she makes a big deal about the fact that you should not feel compelled to follow the theme.  And I have not followed the theme in a very long time.  Perhaps it’s been a year. Who knows? Passage of time is ephemeral.

But – this month’s theme is BLUE!  Of course I want to do BLUE blogs since I focused on blue during our Morocco and Spain trip in March.  I’ve been thinking about blue ever since, and I fashioned a book called

on the Blurb website.  It’s really nifty how you can view the book and turn the pages.  It’s for sale but do I expect anyone to buy it?  No way.  Because to make even $15 off a sale I have to charge a hideously high price.

Anyway, to the task at hand.  I took a little trip to Pismo Beach by myself after my mom’s memorial.  I just wanted time to think about her and remember her life.  Get things fixed in my mind.  I have to concentrate on that because things are becoming unstuck all the time now.

I had my camera but just didn’t feel like taking photos at all.  I walked and walked on the beach without camera in hand.  But apparently I did take a couple of photos from my room balcony, so here they are – all focused on blue.

View from my Kon Tiki balcony

Kon Tiki is the hotel I stayed at.  I focused in on the pier and now I am remembering why I grabbed the camera.  I liked the could formations and colors.

Pismo Beach Pier

I looked straight out and saw a blue umbrella all by itself.

Little Blue Umbrella

I looked farther and focused on the ocean.

And soon I drove home under a blue sky

Today I was looking at our pond and saw a blue dragonfly.

This guy was impossible to photograph because he wouldn’t stay still.  However, an orange dragonfly rested for a moment on a reed, and this one did stay still.


Why am I finishing up the blue post with orange?  Because the background appears to be blue.

There.  I did it.  I posted to the theme.  It’s going to be a BLUE month.

2 Responses to “Little Blue Blog”

  1. Kelly says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. It is hard to stay inspired with a heavy heart. Your photos are gorgeous and how perfect for the blue theme! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Kat Griffin says:

    the blue guitar is wonderful …your dad must be a wonderful artist. I read the previous two posts also… so sorry for your loss. You have wonderful love for a wonderful lady. Peace
    HUgs to YOU

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