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The Algae Woman


In keeping with my “BLUE”mood, and as Creative Every Day’s BLUE-themed month draws to a close, I have one more item to share – a poem.  After writing  The Algae Woman, it was as if my mind cleared and the mood lifted.  Writing is indeed therapeutic.

The Algae Woman


The Algae Woman


I have become the algae woman.

I’m that person out by the pond every day

As golf carts roll by and the regulars look.

I’ve become the weird one, that woman,

You know, always out in her yard.

What the heck is she doing?


I’ll tell you what she’s doing,

Besides removing algae from the pond.

She’s wondering if she’s old.

She knows she’s the algae woman and doesn’t really care.

Isn’t that a sign of getting old? Or is it just getting careless.


She goes out first thing in the morning in her nightgown

Just to see if there’s any new water lilies.

She figures if a golfer goes by, he won’t even notice it’s a nightgown.

That’s old-person thinking, but at least she’s thinking.

Or she’s careless, or just doesn’t care.


She’s noticing that everything seems like too much trouble.

Is she just old chronologically, or emotionally, or what.

Is she slowing down, or has she chosen to slow down.

There’s a big difference.

But should she care?


Plagued with questions that shouldn’t be asked,

She’s thinking, sorting, observing, saying no thank you.


She’s snipping. Cutting notices from the paper.

Tai chi, yes, she should get back to that.

Concert, yes, she wants to see that.

Drink recipes, she wants to learn umbrella drinks.

Snip snip snip.


The stack of notices sits on the table until finally,

As always, she throws them away.

Why did she cut them out anyhow?

Everything seems like too much trouble.


She stays up until midnight,

But staying out past eight sounds awful.

She doesn’t like to drive at night, but that’s nothing new.

Last year she got lost coming home after dark

On a route she’s driven hundreds of times.

It’s just a whole lot of trouble.

Is it wisdom or age?  Maybe both.

Shooting for wisdom though.

It’s supposed to come with age.

This she cares about.

She thinks about this.


So that’s what she’s doing, that woman by the pond.

She’s pulling out algae.

She’s me.


I’m the algae woman,

But removing algae isn’t as simple as it looks.


The Blue Guitar


Creative Every Day – the theme is BLUE

My father Edward Reep is an artist.  I was looking at one of his paintings that hangs in my living room – The Blue Guitar.  Why not do a short post on this painting?  If you were up close and could read what it says, you’d see this excerpt from Wallace Stevens’ poem The Man with the Blue Guitar.

The Blue Guitar by Edward Reep

Just for clarity – painting by Edward Reep; poem by Wallace Stevens.

The man bent over his guitar,
A shearsman of sorts. The day was green.

They said, “You have a blue guitar,
You do not play things as they are.”

The man replied, “Things as they are
Are changed upon the blue guitar.”

And they said then, “But play, you must,
A tune beyond us, yet ourselves,

A tune upon the blue guitar
Of things exactly as they are.”


Little Blue Blog


Unbeknownst to almost everyone, I have continued to follow the Creative Every Day website and post on their page.  Every month Leah (it’s her website) has a theme to encourage people’s creativity; give us a little nudge, as it were.  However, she makes a big deal about the fact that you should not feel compelled to follow the theme.  And I have not followed the theme in a very long time.  Perhaps it’s been a year. Who knows? Passage of time is ephemeral.

But – this month’s theme is BLUE!  Of course I want to do BLUE blogs since I focused on blue during our Morocco and Spain trip in March.  I’ve been thinking about blue ever since, and I fashioned a book called

on the Blurb website.  It’s really nifty how you can view the book and turn the pages.  It’s for sale but do I expect anyone to buy it?  No way.  Because to make even $15 off a sale I have to charge a hideously high price.

Anyway, to the task at hand.  I took a little trip to Pismo Beach by myself after my mom’s memorial.  I just wanted time to think about her and remember her life.  Get things fixed in my mind.  I have to concentrate on that because things are becoming unstuck all the time now.

I had my camera but just didn’t feel like taking photos at all.  I walked and walked on the beach without camera in hand.  But apparently I did take a couple of photos from my room balcony, so here they are – all focused on blue.

View from my Kon Tiki balcony

Kon Tiki is the hotel I stayed at.  I focused in on the pier and now I am remembering why I grabbed the camera.  I liked the could formations and colors.

Pismo Beach Pier

I looked straight out and saw a blue umbrella all by itself.

Little Blue Umbrella

I looked farther and focused on the ocean.

And soon I drove home under a blue sky

Today I was looking at our pond and saw a blue dragonfly.

This guy was impossible to photograph because he wouldn’t stay still.  However, an orange dragonfly rested for a moment on a reed, and this one did stay still.


Why am I finishing up the blue post with orange?  Because the background appears to be blue.

There.  I did it.  I posted to the theme.  It’s going to be a BLUE month.