Reflections: image+ word – Arts Council of Kern’s new exhibit opens tomorrow


Tomorrow Reflections: image + word opens at the Younger Gallery, sponsored by the Arts Council of Kern.  I have seven photos and two poems in the show and I can’t wait to see it hung!  I love the concept.  So for today’s Art Every Day Month post, I’m giving a little preview of the show with a photo of mine and poem by Nick Belardes.

Journey of the Brown Beetle  by Nick Belardes

Flip it over!

No! That’s mean.

Ay! Cabron!

Let’s just watch it crawl, dimwit.

To the highway?

Even across the highway.

To the barrio?

No way! Not the Barrio. Johnny One Eye will eat it.

Where then? To the desert?

Of course to the desert.

Past the dog bones?

Through the rattlesnake graveyard.

That’s a scary place. Indian spirits.

And up Miner’s Hill.

Into the valley?

And all those shrubs in Jesus Valley.

Where the old saints live?

Where they suck the cactus.

And that old hermit who drinks Coors like grandma?

And wears the same makeup.

Wow! He’s strange.

Most of the Saints are.

It will never make it.

It will die when it gets there.

Then can we flip it over?

No. Let it dry up where it stops.

But the shell will break.

No it won’t. It will last forever.

A brown shell in the desert?




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2 Responses to “Reflections: image+ word – Arts Council of Kern’s new exhibit opens tomorrow”

  1. Susan Davies says:

    Hey Susan,
    I really liked your poem. I thought it was very interesting. I got an idea yesterday to
    Do a quilt for the Colorado grandchildren with pictures on it of Kern County so they
    Will grow up with an appreciation of where they come from.
    Sincerely, Sue Davies

  2. This is awesome, Susan! I wish I knew about this show because it is RIGHT up my alley. Is the show today (Friday?) or was it yesterday (Thursday?) Sometimes its tough for me to keep track…

    Anyway – love this concept…

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