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This is mostly about Italy, although there are some photos of France and Switzerland. We spent three weeks in Italy and I still want to return immediately. What an artistic paradise! From the warmth of Sorrento, with its giant lemons, to the canals of wonderfully dilapidated Venice, we were bewitched.

It’s hard not to be overcome by Venice – first of all, just the fact that it’s a city build on, or in, really, the water; and then by the sheer volume of magnificent art crammed into that very physically small city. Notice the homes canal-side, with the water right up to the level of the windows. People can’t really live on first floors because of flooding, which occurs regularly.

I didn’t include photographs of art – there are volumes and volumes that tell that story. My main statement would be Michelangelo: peerless. An hour in the Sistine Chapel with 20 other people (worth every penny we spent) was the thrill of a lifetime.

What a lucky surprise for us – fall foliage everywhere. The photos of the countryside depict the gorgeous colors as well as the beautiful vineyards, towns, and landscape in general. I’ve always thought Italian Cypress were ungainly and unattractive. But look at the photo of the tilled fields and the cypress – they definitely belong in Italy. Of course, the name Italian Cypress tells that story.

Cinque Terre was made for photographs – every step revealed a new angle, another opportunity to gasp in wonder. Vernazza was full of cats, and I loved the calico cat staring out into the harbor. Who knows what a cat is thinking?

I’ve only got a sampling of photos in the gallery – those that I considered the best although I have many more wonderful shots.

If you want to read more about Italy, go to the blog and read my Italian journal.

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