About the Floral Gallery


When photographing flowers, I stick with the natural – I don’t spray water on roses to enhance the image, or pick grass or weeds in the way of a wildflower image.  The challenge for me is to stick with what I see and make it work just as it is in nature.  Photos of flowers are very popular and I sell many of these for good reason:  flowers are beautiful and make us feel good. 

Many of the photos in this gallery are Kern County, California wildflowers.  Photographing wildflowers necessitates lots of driving because the flowers aren’t always where you want them to be when you want them to be.  Some years, there aren’t any flowers at all.  2009 was a banner year – look at the photo of the tree on a hill covered with wildflowers.

Of course, there are wonderful flowers in gardens, and Butchart Gardens in Victoria are particularly fantastic.  Southern California is full of wonderful places like Descanso Gardens, Huntington Gardens, and The Norton Simon Museum gardens, among others. 

Lighting is important, of course.  Multiple pictures of the same flower taken within minutes from different angles yield incredible contrasts. 

If I were to choose my favorite kind of floral photograph, it would be wildflowers.

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