About the People Gallery


Photographing people is a challenge because to capture real people doing real activities without being intrusive is frequently difficult.  Sometimes, though, the best photos result when you are “found out.”  Look at the woman washing her hands in the Xitang canal in China.  I lifted my camera, she looked right at me, and I took the picture.  The result is a direct and powerful, un-posed statement.

On the other hand, no subterfuge was needed to capture the noodle maker in Xian.  He was in a dream-like trance as he spun the noodle dough around and around.  I keep coming back to those photos – something about them fascinates me.

Look closely at the woman with the baskets on her shoulders.  One holds a child!  That’s a good example of finding the unexpected in a photo – you get more than you bargained for.

Perhaps my favorite photo is the bride in the alleyway.  I want to know her story.  Is she just tired?  Or unhappy already in her very short marriage.  Why is she celebrating in an alley?  These questions can only be answered in my imagination but they keep me coming back to the photo to unravel the story.

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